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New Music Crush: @bigdatabigdata (maybe NSFW)

Wanna improve your mood? Subversive electronic music from Big Data is the answer. 

Buy it.

"Dangerous (feat. Joywave)" available on iTunes:

New Music Crush: Chihei Hatakeyama + Hakobune

Getting my hit of @beatoracle this morning. The last tune from @Chi_hatakeyama_ put me deep in the work zone. Beautiful ambient electronica that sounds like a water color painting. I’m envisioning the lazy Japanese countryside. Ah-mazing.

Music Crush: @timbreapp

I love the Timbre App for a thousand reasons. But the top 3 are:

3.  It helps me find bands playing in my area. Wherever I am, it adjusts to my location.  (now serving the UK! Not that i’m in the UK right now, but good to know.)

2. It is an amazing music discovery tool. If you don’t recognize a band playing at a venue you love, you can both listen to songs from that band AND buy tickets, seamlessly. No muss no fuss.

1. The interface is beautiful AND easy to use. I love love love it. It was born out of a hackathon, so I totally dig that fact as well. 

Please check it out and download. Support these Bostonites!

Music Crush: @eulamusic has a new single!

On July 15th, Brooklyn’s EULA will release their latest single “Orderly” b/w “Meadows” on Bloodmoss Records. Recorded by legendary producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans). Buy it. 


Music Crush: @littleracerband

My lovelies from Little Racer have a rad new-ish  EP, Modern Accent. The single “Dancing” is jangly, happy pop. And it does, indeed, make me want to dance.

I interviewed them back in 2011. Take a look

Buy their stuff!

Music Crush: @littletybee

Falling in love again with the folk-jazz-symphony sound of Little Tybee. 

Their album ‘For Distant Viewing’ out NOW on Vinyl & CD ( + mp3 (

New Music Crush: @manateecommune

I heard Manatee Commune, aka Grant L’Kayl Eadie, live on kexp here in Seattle. I was driving in my car having my mind blown by his performance and his music. He was using wind chimes. He said he was 21. (Can that be true? When I was 21, I was, well, let’s just say I wasn’t doing anything amazing. haha)

A very talented old soul making some great new music.

Check out the KEXP session here:

Buy his digital album here:

New Music Crush: @sluteverforever

My friend Olive suggested this chick duo, and I dig their punk rock, girl anarchy sound.

New Music Crush: @_brendanbenson

Great tune from songwriting Jedi, producer and Raconteurs band member Brendan Benson.

Music Crush: @snowmine 

Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Snowmine.


Snowmine - “Hologram”

Here is a pretty cool fan-made video, using the Argentine film Medianeras, of the song “Hologram” from Snowmine's first album, Laminate Pet Animal.