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Music Crush: Luke Rathborne

Some lovey-dovey shit for you today from @lukerathborne. “Love You More” from the album After Dark.

Luke Rathborne Rocks Out, Gets Kissed By A Boy and Watches Fans Go Down. Just Another Monday Night At PianosNYC

For Luke Rathborne’s set at Pianos on Monday, the fans were timid, subdued, standoffish. There was a weird vibe in the air. He commented, “Feels like the lower easy side instead of the lower east side since everyone is taking it easy.” He gestured for the crowd to come closer.

Like a siren song, this seemed to unleash some inner Monday-night devilishness that aligned somehow with his easy folk rock sound, which is more hard-edged live than on his new EP Dog Years. There was heckling. Making out. Heckling and making out on stage as one male fan ran up and kissed frontman Rathborne on the mouth. A single drunk girl, a whirling dirvish of mayham moshing alone to her own soundtrack (Rathborne doesn’t exactly produce mosh tunes), took out one photographer (um, me, gracelessly shoved to the floor) and came perilously close to taking down another before she took a header on a speaker and had to be escorted out.

"Hey where’d that girl go?" Rathborne joked. "Someone should have taken her home. Or bought her a drink. That’s the problem with all the hot girls. They pass out before the night’s over."

Words and photos by Shanda Boyett. Copyright 2011.