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New Album from Music Crush Quiet Loudly

They’ve done it again. After making sweet love to my ears with their first full-length CD Soulgazer, @quietloudly have bedded me again with their second full-length, Go Into The Light Smiling.

It’s psychedelic pop goodness with a hint of rockabilly bad boy smirk.

There is superior songwriting on in “You Were The Leaves.” “Now you are the dirt. Once you were the leaves.” Think about that the next time you toke up on life.

"Patsy on the Rocks" is a wallowing music masterpiece with piercing guitar and lead vocalist Max Goransson’s heartbreaking wail set to a honkey-tonk last-dance rhythm. "Turn that song up. It’s killing me." You can feel the burn of too much cheap whiskey in your throat listening to this one.

"Sometimes I Forget" is a desolate paean to heartbreak. I could listen to it for hours.

"It’s Not The End of the World (If It’s The End of the World)" is more upbeat, with great guitar and drum work. Makes me want to dance.

Based on all of this, you should totally buy this album. Your ears will thank you.

Check out Quiet Loudly in Boston at O’Brian’s on July 20 and back in the BK on July 21 at Big Snow.

Show Recs: Everything I’d See This Week If I Had Unlimited Time and Money and Hermione’s Time Turner

Sunday 3/04

Young Magic at Bowery Ballroom, NYC - I saw these guys last year. Brilliant psychelectronic with just a splash of My Bloody Valentine. 

I’m Turning Into at Legion Bar, Brooklyn - Post-punk with a beachy vibe.

Magnetic Island at Pianos, NYC - Diverse, densely layered, and guitar-heavy sound. They are the opener, but their set will blow everyone else’s away. Just sayin’. 

Monday 3/05

The Darcys at Bowery Ballroom, NYC - Dark alternative rock. 

Young Prisms at Glasslands, Brooklyn - Smooth shoe gaze that makes you wanna make out.

Tennis at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Husband and wife pop duo.  Good stuff.

Bjork at Roseland Ballroom, NYC - Because it’s Bjork, Captain Obvi. She was doing abstract weird shit before Lady Gaga was out of her grade school uniform.

Tuesday 3/06

The So So Glos at Mercury Lounge, NYC - Post-punk pop. 

Fanfarlo and Nightlands at Webster Hall, Brooklyn - A night of brilliant indie pop composers and songwriters in the vein of Coldplay, including the orchestral flourish. Really yum.

Tim Ryans at Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn - Check him out if you wanna experience the next Dylan. He’s a Texas boy, so I’m partial …

Wednesday 3/07

Alyson Greenfield at Pianos, NYC - My girl AG will rock out with her glockenspiel out, and your glockenspiel will like it and then you’ll have to stand in a corner for a second until it goes down.

Thursday 3/08

Quiet Loudly at Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn - One of my deepest music crushes. Indie rock with a tab of psychedelia. 

Delicate Steve at Glasslands, Brooklyn - The one-man juggernaut of sound (he’ll have a backup band, but they’re there just to enable his incredible guitar-prominent vision.)

Friday 3/09

Daughter at Mercury Lounge, NYC - Brilliant folk pop.

Young the Giant at Terminal 5, NYC - The guys are amazing live. Solid pop rock. 

Saturday 3/10

Daughter at Glasslands, Brooklyn - In case you missed her on Friday.

They Might Be Giants at Terminal 5, NYC -  Epic icons.

More Photos of What You Missed at Thursday’s Great Lineup @cakeshopnyc
Hilly Eye and @amyrebeccaklein
Magnetic Island @magneticisland
Quiet Loudly @quietloudly

More Photos of What You Missed at Thursday’s Great Lineup @cakeshopnyc

Hilly Eye and @amyrebeccaklein

Magnetic Island @magneticisland

Quiet Loudly @quietloudly

My Music Crushes Killed It @cakeshopnyc. It Was A Guitar Hero Kinda Night

@hilleye, @magneticband and @quietloudly made me swoon with their mad skills, but the guitarists stole the show.

Lisa Liu and Magnetic Island in particular blew my face off with their awesomely tight set which sounded just as amazing live as their new EP recording. Lisa womped on her guitar and really demonstrated great stage-presence and grace, commanding her 30-minute fiefdom in a presidentially-badass way. If you like alternative, experimental indie rock with layered guitar stylings in the vein of Sleater Kinney, Warpaint, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, then buy this album.

Amy Klein of Hilly Eye continues to be the guitarist I want to be when I grow up. I love the riot grrl that escapes from her shy exterior, a dragon-slayer with a guitar. 

Max Goransson, vocalist and guitarist of Quiet Loudly, made me fall back into a mad crush again with his incredibly dexterous and insanely awesome performance, both as a musician, but also as a showman. Their song, “Lift This Mountain” continues to be one of my all-time fave songs. Ever.

Check out some of the photos from the show.

Words and photos by Shanda Boyett. Copyright 2012

Amy Klein

Amy Klein

Lisa Liu

Lisa Liu

Lisa Liu

Max Goransson

Show Recs: Everything I’d See This Week If I Had Unlimited Time and Money and Hermione’s Time Turner

2/19 DJ Krush at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn  - Trip-hop daddy. Sold out tho.

2/22  Basement Batman at Glasslands in Brooklyn - Cute little boys with soul

2/23  Quiet Loudly, Magnetic Island, Hilly Eye and Passenger Peru at Cakeshop in New York - What an Ah-Mazin’ lineup! Seriously, I would not miss this!

2/24 Clouder at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn - Cloud-on with the sounds of Babyshambles and David Bowie 

2/24 Dustin Wong at La Sala in Brooklyn - Amazing dream-pop guitar

2/24 Ava Luna at Mercury Lounge in NYC

2/24 Sharon Van Etten at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn

2/24 EULAShark?Indian Rebound and Lost Boy at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn - Get your punk on.

2/24 Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson at Casey’s in Canterbury, UK - So much emo and electronic rock goodness.

2/25  The Twilight Sad at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn

2/25 Des Ark at La Salamandra in Durham, NC - Best songwriting ever!

@quietloudly leaves me wanting more

Could @quietloudly be the next great jam band?

That’s the question I was pondering as I watched their set @silentbarn last week, swaying appreciatively to their guitar-as-hero shoe-gaze sound. Maybe it’s because I reckon they could play for hours even though they just have one full-length EP. After four years together, they have an extensive repertoire that includes new tunes (a new full-length album is planned for the Fall), old songs reinterpreted, ‘60s covers, etc.

It could also be that my wish for jam-band status is more about immersion than song length, as jam bands seem to have carte blanche to play for hours. (Phish has a whole festival built around them after all. Nothing but Phish for 3 days.)

But it’s not something they’re interested in, says guitarist and lead vocalist Max Goransson.

“I don’t think I could ever be in a jam band,” he says. “Song craft, even when it veers off into a dark abyss of epic craziness, is too important to me. I think jam bands usually get really boring really quickly. Plus, John (Weingarten, keyboards and vocals) is probably the only one who would be interesting enough to watch “wank off” for that kind of length of time.”

He admits, though, that it would be great to play more than six songs a show. “I long for the day that we can headline a show and play as long as we want,” he says. “It’s hard always having to settle on six songs for a setlist. I’d love to play a solid hour and a half set.”

Nevertheless, it is easy to imagine Quiet Loudly, whose lineup in addition to Goransson and Weingarten includes Sal Garro on drums and vocals, and Tony Aquilino on bass and vocals, playing a packed outdoor festival upstate whilst naked hippies dance in the mud. (Actually, the whole naked hippie thing happened. Except it was Chicago, not New York. And it was crust punks instead of hippies.) But you could imagine it.

It’s also easy to envision them parading a coven of musicians onstage ala Broken Social Scene, in a completely asexual display of polyamory band love.

Quiet Loudly are collaborators in the strongest and most positive sense of the word. Several of them play in at least one other band (Goransson and Garro play together in The Governors; Goransson is also in Clouder; Aquilino plays in Gunfight!) and they have played with each other on and off in other bands for years. (Weingarten was “shoplifted” from another band.) A rotating crew of instrumentalists also sits in on shows from time to time to add depth and capture the sound from their recorded work.

The band is almost halfway through work on their new album though they have ‘accidentally’ been recording along the way and as studio opportunities come up. They are debuting a new song in August.

Throw their wicked skills into a petri dish with their collaborative nature, and add to that a vastly diverse score of musical influences (Albums currently on their playlists include New Rubble Vol. 5, a crossbreeding of raw girl groups and dirty psychadelia, old school Talking Heads and DEVO, and current local bands Steel Phantoms, Quilty and Clouder, among others) and what you get is a perfect primordial soup for great music, jam or not.

So in the end, maybe it doesn’t really matter what you call it. Quiet Loudly makes kickass music. Right now, they seem content with that.

“We just want to make good albums that people can connect with,” says Goransson.

“We don’t need to be U2,” says Garro, regarding success. “We just love just writing and playing shows together.”

Quiet Loudly plays thurs 8/4 at Cake Shop w/Magnetic Island and Gospel Gossip and fri 8/19 at Mercury Lounge w/Team Genius.

Check out their album, Soulgazer and this limited edition digital download Live in Pittsburgh EP for Japan Relief.