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Miike Snow Played Terminal 5 April 26, 2012

@miikesnow shook the booties of the full house at the third sold-out Terminal 5 show Thursday night.

Entering with masks per usual, they performed “Sylvia” “Devil’s Work” “Paddling Out” “Bless This Divorce” and “Animal,” among others, to the crowd of fist-pumping dance-pop lovers.

It was the first concert for the two high school boys next to me. They kept screaming “We love you!” to the band. When lead vocalist Andrew Wyatt finally responded “We love you too” the boys were gushing. So cute.

Photos by Shanda Boyett. Copyright 2012.

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Penguin Prison at Terminal 5 April 26, 2012

Those oh-so-pretty boys @PenguinPrison played Terminal 5 Thursday night. They taste just like Justin.

Photos by Shanda Boyett. Copyright 2012.

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Music Crush Girl!

Photo by Shanda Boyett
Copyright 2012

Music Crush Girl!

Photo by Shanda Boyett

Copyright 2012

2012 SXSW - Day One - @allen_stone, @EULA, @WhaleBelly, @ActionBronson + performance art

2012 SXSW - Austin Skyline

Allen Stone

Day one of my 2012 SXSW was a day of perfect variety. It started with the Stevie Wonder-esque croonings of the sound powerhouse Allen Stone at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. The band was tight and his sound was brilliant. I wonder if it was a step up or a step down to be playing a bike shop after being on Jimmy Kimmel the night before.

Here’s one song I taped via soundcloud.

Paper Garden’s Record Showcase

Bryan Vaughn and Heidi Greenwood’s Paper Garden Records Showcase was a respite from the crazy of SXSW proper, a veritable music oasis at Uncorked, just east of I-35.

Harbinger’s of good musical taste as always, I listened to Philco Fiction, Whale Belly and hung out with Ben Martinez from Basement Batman before Alyse Lamb and Jeff Maleri shredded the stage with their amazing set. 

Action Bronson

I thought I was being really edgy going to see a hip hop rapper by myself. But when I showed up, I was surrounded by what seemed to be a bunch of white frat boys. Is that the fan base or is it just a SXSW thing? 

No matter. I had a little tet-a-tet with Mr. Action himself as I walked into the Lustre Pearl. He said he was hoping his set started soon as he was a bit tired. South by really takes it out of ya.

When he took to the stage, though, performance adrenaline and copious amounts of weed ensured an entertaining show. He did “Shiraz” “Bird on a Wire” and “Hookers at the Point” among others. 

There was a haze on the stage and in the crowd. Music Crush Girl was getting a little contact high. But Action is a giver. At one point, he took a few hits from the big fatty he was puffing and handed it to the frat boys in the front row, who totally bogarted it.  Typical selfish frat boys.

Performance Art

Finished the night with a little performance art music - mud masks, screaming and trumpets. A nice finale to the night.

See more photos on Flickr. 

Photos and Words by Shanda Boyett  Copyright 2012

Shut the front door!  The hair on my neck sticks up when I listen to the soulful, southern, make-out-with-your-lover sound of @alabama_shakes. Check this out if you have the courage. 

Alabama Shakes will be @sxsw!  Thanks to @opereveryband, whose work to listen and review every band going to SXSW and resultant spreadsheet enabled this find.

Lost in the Trees (@littband) is playing tonight in NYC at the Housing Works bookstore. Some of the most talented musicians I’ve seen. Great folky sound, beautiful lyrics and instrumentation, and dramatic and amazing to watch live. 

They’re on tour. You should defs check out.

Read my skip-school-to-buy-concert-tickets memoir in 7Stops mag

A short memoir I wrote was just published in 7Stops magazine’s music issue! Go check it out! Become a regular reader of this great Greenpoint-based publication.

Thursday Night @sheastadium

@ruralalberta Played @MusicHallofWB Saturday Night and It Was Pretty Keen

Checked out Rural Alberta Advantage on Saturday night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg with a passel of friends. I had heard a lot buzz about the drummer and he didn’t disappoint. An emotional and engaging performer, he adds a big sound to this trio. Check out the photos!

Also, a big thanks to the guy who let me squeeze in front of him to get the great pics of the drummer. Peace out, man!

Electronic Hip-Hop Band @AnalogFire Goes For It

I had expected more ego.

But here is Eno, half of the electronic hip-hop duo Analog Fire, shyly sipping his chai latte in Starbucks where we have agreed to meet.

“It’s coffee for the sensitive soul,” he explains with an embarrassed smile.  

Eno is an intimidating and aggressive presence when performing. The music, what his father refers to as “intellectro,” combines heavy beats and samples with a strong lyrical base that inspires the audience with its directive to move. 

“Music is about losing control,” he says. “I’m here to give it my all and the audience seems to respond to that.”

‘Giving it his all’ transforms him into the powerhouse force I witnessed during their performance, the counterpoint to the softspoken presence before me who confesses he doesn’t even curse. 

Bandmate Gregory Louisy describes it this way. “Eno embraces his emotions and channels it through mediums that are part of everyone’s vocabulary.”

The two met at summer camp “before we even liked girls,” says Eno. They began a creative collaboration that continues today. 

Back then, it was the age of Garage Band and the two began sharing demos. 

“He was prolific” says Eno. “He sent me demos almost every day of great instrumental tracks. He was serious and only gets more so. He doesn’t even play piano! He just programs every sound. He’s a great producer. Better than me at this point.”

“When I give him something to elaborate on, it’s like diving into a pool and coming up a completely different person. He’s a real inspiration for me,” admits Eno. 

For Louisy, Eno provides a bit of a kickstart. 

“When coming upon an opportunity, he does everything in his power to seize it. It’s quite funny because his impulsiveness is what gets us to do many things,” says Louisy

Together they take their different influences and points of view and align them into music that continues to improve. 

“We strive for the same path,” says Louisy. “He is an inspiration and reminds me of the confidence that I need to have when I feel I have little.”

The duo is almost done with a new album which will depart from their dance party roots and move toward a dreamier, softer sound.

“It’s like soft-serve with a hard shell,” says Eno. “It’ll have some reverb, soft vocals, a driving kick-drum and rich instrumentation.”

They shot a video for a new song, “Tunnel Vision” and are planning a winter tour 

After that?   

Eno smiles. And with the vigor and confidence of his on-stage alter ego, replies,  “After that? Hopefully label shopping.”