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Music Crush @tonycastles is releasing a new EP!

My music crush Tony Castles is sexing up my ears in pumpkin eating time (October 23) with a new EP, Sharon Stone. This is just one week after I turn 10,000 years old. Is it a gift from Willie and Paul? Methinks so.

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@tonycastles Played @theknitbrooklyn Sat. July 1 

My prescient music crush Tony Castles jamming a new song at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Saturday. I was revved up on brews from next-door’s Spyten Dyvil and eager to see these dudes after a long respite and a lineup change (new drummer). My falsetto-dreamboy Paul Sicilian revealed some new tunes as well as a new, more svelte frame, looking and sounding so good! Was also excited to see my man Willie Meismer hopping around like a nascent Mexican jumping bean while cranking on guitar and keyboards. Check out their new tune.

Check out the latest bit of noodling from @tonycastles.  Good stuff.