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New Music: @alysongreenfiel single “Uncharted Places”

As usual, Alyson pairs pop sensibilities with a cornucopia of instruments and sounds (beatboxer Shane Maux) to create a masterful music experience. 

She recorded “Uncharted Places” when she was invited into the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio with engineer Alex McKenzie (Doe Paoro), and then mixed the track with Roger Greenawalt (The Pierces, Rufus Wainwright).

Alyson will release the track at the Roc-Elle Records’ curated Brooklyn Night Bazaar on May 30th at 8pm, performing alongside Heartsrevolution, Ninjasonik, and Demetra.  

She’s also added film composer to her bio, and the world is better for it. 

@Converse documented the recording of the new single. Check it out. 

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Music Crush: Alyson Greenfield @alysongreenfiel @tinderboxfest

Here’s a little bit of what you missed last night at the Tinderbox Music Festival fundraiser. The amazing festival founder, Alyson Greenfield, now with strings.

Show Recs: Everything I’d See This Week If I Had Unlimited Time and Money and Hermione’s Time Turner

Sunday 3/04

Young Magic at Bowery Ballroom, NYC - I saw these guys last year. Brilliant psychelectronic with just a splash of My Bloody Valentine. 

I’m Turning Into at Legion Bar, Brooklyn - Post-punk with a beachy vibe.

Magnetic Island at Pianos, NYC - Diverse, densely layered, and guitar-heavy sound. They are the opener, but their set will blow everyone else’s away. Just sayin’. 

Monday 3/05

The Darcys at Bowery Ballroom, NYC - Dark alternative rock. 

Young Prisms at Glasslands, Brooklyn - Smooth shoe gaze that makes you wanna make out.

Tennis at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Husband and wife pop duo.  Good stuff.

Bjork at Roseland Ballroom, NYC - Because it’s Bjork, Captain Obvi. She was doing abstract weird shit before Lady Gaga was out of her grade school uniform.

Tuesday 3/06

The So So Glos at Mercury Lounge, NYC - Post-punk pop. 

Fanfarlo and Nightlands at Webster Hall, Brooklyn - A night of brilliant indie pop composers and songwriters in the vein of Coldplay, including the orchestral flourish. Really yum.

Tim Ryans at Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn - Check him out if you wanna experience the next Dylan. He’s a Texas boy, so I’m partial …

Wednesday 3/07

Alyson Greenfield at Pianos, NYC - My girl AG will rock out with her glockenspiel out, and your glockenspiel will like it and then you’ll have to stand in a corner for a second until it goes down.

Thursday 3/08

Quiet Loudly at Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn - One of my deepest music crushes. Indie rock with a tab of psychedelia. 

Delicate Steve at Glasslands, Brooklyn - The one-man juggernaut of sound (he’ll have a backup band, but they’re there just to enable his incredible guitar-prominent vision.)

Friday 3/09

Daughter at Mercury Lounge, NYC - Brilliant folk pop.

Young the Giant at Terminal 5, NYC - The guys are amazing live. Solid pop rock. 

Saturday 3/10

Daughter at Glasslands, Brooklyn - In case you missed her on Friday.

They Might Be Giants at Terminal 5, NYC -  Epic icons.

Piano Driven Women at Joe’s Pub Demonstrate the Flexibility of the Piano, for charity

Represented at Piano Driven Women benefit show last week @joespub, but the turnout was a bomb.

Where are all the supposed music and arts supporters in NYC?

Here’s what they missed:

See more pics!

Tinderbox Music Festival Recap

The Tinderbox Music Festival (@tinderboxfest) brought together a host of amazing talents together under the roof of The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Founder Alyson Greenfield put on an brilliant show despite a few challenges. The loss of the Knit’s liquor license forced Greenfield to be scrappy. She rented an RV to ensure her musicians had a place to unwind with free Sixpoint beer. 

It was a remarkable day that will benefit the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls and Girls Write Now programs.

Check out the full photoset here.

Select Photos

Tinderbox Music Festival Founder Alyson Greenfield and performer Charlene Kaye

Holly Miranda

Mira Stroika

Alyse Lamb from Eula

Hailey Wojcik from WOJCIK



White Wave

More photos to come!

The Tinder 23: Founder Alyson Greenfield!

It’s @tinderboxfest day! Twenty-three amazing acts featuring emerging female musicians will be descending on The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Two stages. One incredible event.

Singer/songwriter/performance artist Alyson Greenfield is the mastermind behind the festival.

I sat down with Greenfield to learn more about what makes her tick. 

Music Crush Girl: What’s your angle?
Alyson Greenfield: I play piano, guitar, synths, floor tom, toy piano, autoharp, glockenspiel, vocals. I almost always have a live beatboxer perform with me at shows.  Beatboxers I’ve performed with in the last year include Shane Maux, Masai Electro, Chesney Snow, JFlo, and Grey Matter.  Lately Shane Maux is the beatboxer I’ve been performing with the most and he also recently went into the studio with me to record some new material.

MCG: How do you describe your sound?

AG:  Folk Electro Hip Hop

MCG: How do other people describe it?

AG:  Lately press outlets have been saying: “Tori Amos Backed by Doug E. Fresh,” “TuNe-yArDs meets Enya meets Beach House,” and “A cross between Tracy Chapman and Chelsea Handler.”  I’m down with all of these descriptions, and I think combining them gives a pretty good idea of what my sound/live show is all about.

MCG: How did you get your start?

AG: I fell in love with pianos when I was really young. No one in my family played instruments and I literally had to beg for piano lessons for 3 years until I was allowed to play!  I’ve written songs for as long as long as I can remember, as it always seemed to be just a part of living.  I didn’t start performing my own music publicly until about 6 years ago, but it was still a side thing then to a bunch of other stuff I was pursuing. A couple years ago I decided I wanted to move New York and try and get a little more serious with my music career a little over 2 years ago.

MCG: What achievement to date are you most proud of?

AG: I’m really proud of creating the Tinderbox Music Festival and making a space that lots of musicians can share together.  Since I also perform at it, it gives me a big push to step up my game musically as well.  This year I’m premiering a new song with a string trio.  I’ve never played with a string trio before and I feel like Tinderbox helps provide me with a platform for it!

MCG: With all that you have to do to get ready for the event, why did you decide to perform at it as well?
AG: Actually, being the founder I thought about not playing it, to totally separate myself as a music business woman and a performer.  But everything I’m about as a musician kind of obviously fits into everything Tinderbox is about, and I feel like my music fits in well with the festival itself, and luckily the submissions committee did too!

MCG: Tinderbox gives it’s proceeds to charity. Is social responsibility something society should expect of musical artists? 
AG: I don’t think it’s something society should expect of artists, but I think it’s nice to recognize organizations that are working hard to support and empower artists, and so that’s why I included that element into Tinderbox.  I think it’s important to create alliances and community.  I believe that when people/organizations support each other, more networks/community/opportunity/positivity energy can be formed.  And I think that’s a good thing.

MCG:  What else are you working on besides Tinderbox?
AG: I just released my album of hip hop covers called “Rock Out With Your Glockenspiel Out
 which is being distributed by Roc-Elle Records and I’m pretty excited about that!  We just released the video of my cover of “Gangsta’s Paradise" and the video for "Mama Said Knock You Out" is coming soon!

I’m really excited about some of the CMJ shows I’ll be playing in October and doing some regional touring around that time too!  Details are coming soon.  As well there are a lot more exciting Tinderbox events in the works!  Check back on my website to get all the details you’ll want to know!


Buy the album

Watch the video

The Tinderbox Music Festival is Saturday, September 10 (today!) beginning at 12:30 pm at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Greenfield hits the main stage at 6 pm.

Buy tickets. $15 advance; $18 at the door.  All ages.

The Tinder 23: Kalae All Day

That Kalae All Day is playing a second time at Tinderbox Music Festival is a testament to the power of the event.

Kalae All Day is a young hip-hop dynamo from Harlem who performs with her band Turnstylz.

“We thought we were dope, so decided to be dope simultaneously,” she says of hooking up with the band.

That affection extends to Tinderbox Music Festival founder Alyson Greenfield.

“I wanna be like Alyson Greenfield when I grow up!” she says.

Part of the draw is the event’s philanthropic bent.

“We don’t deserve all this attention, so as soon as humanly possible we should humble ourselves and give back to the community before we turn into MONSTERS! Or worse, KANYE WEST!!!” she jokes.

Tinderbox Music Festival is Saturday, Sept. 10 at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Kalae All Day plays at 4 pm on the main stage.

Buy tickets.

You: I just donated money to @tinderboxfest

Object of Desire: Holy cow! Let’s go somewhere right now and get it on.

You: That is so awesome. 

It’s On! @tinderboxfest Lineup Announced and It’s HOT! Be there Sept. 10 @knitbrooklyn


The second edition of the Tinderbox Music Festival returns to NYC and the initial line-up is announced!  We handpicked these musicians to provide a magnificent day of music. The festival will showcase a powerful and diverse group of established and emerging female artists producing innovative original music, and YOU should be there! 

Buy tickets here. Only $15 bucks (adv) $18 at door.

Tinderbox Music FestivalSeptember 10 - Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NYHolly Miranda (Indie Folk) Eternia & The Band (Hip Hop)
with XYLOS (Multi-instrumentalist Pop) Charlene Kaye and The Brilliant Eyes (Indie Rock Electronic)The Debutante Hour (Indie Folk/ multi instrumental/quirky)Alyson Greenfield (Folk Electro Hip Hop)Kalae All Day (Hip Hop/Soul)EULA (Post Punk)Miss Geo (Indie Electronic Pop)Canyon.  (Indie Folk)Rebecca Jordan (Jazz/Soul/Folk)Mira Stroika (Cabaret/Pop/Punk)White Wave (Experimental)Pepper Fandango (Folk / Blues)Sweet Soubrette (Indie Folk)Helicopria (Prog Rock)Sarah Aument (Indie Pop Rock)WOJCIK (Garage Rock)Sarah Walk (Singer/Songwriter / Piano Rock)Annie Fitzgerald (Americana/ Folk)WYATT (Indie Folk Pop)Natalie Farr (Alternative Folk)

Guess who’s on the Submissions Committee for @tinderboxfest, the music festival showcasing female artists? @musiccrushgirl is! The event is Sat. Sept. 10 at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Submissions are open NOW through Aug. 5.

So if you are or know of an outstanding female artist producing innovative original music, get out to ReverbNation to submit for consideration.

The best part of this whole deal? (Well, working with @alysongreenfiel, obvi.) But also, I get to listen to all the music submissions! A dream come true for this little lady, yessirreebob.