More Awesome Music Crush Releases: @panditmusicTX

Lance Smith of Pandit and I are probably related, both being from Texas and all. I’m just proud to share my birth state with this cat. 

His new album, the self-titled Pandit, includes remastered versions of some of my fave Pandit songs (“Kathryn My Love” and “Pack Your Bags”) as well as several versions of many newer songs, and is a journey from shoe gaze to Bob Dylan-esque folk land to some other amazing music place that only the sweet soil and piney woods of Texas could create. I can feel the sun on my shoulders and feel the cool grass underfoot in every song.

"Pillowtalk" sparkles with dream pop luster ala Toro y Moi. I’m putting it on repeat.

"Kathryn My Love" is still just one of the most beautiful dream pop love songs ever. 

"Don’t Think of Me (Cause I Won’t Think of You)" is a folk-pop standout, spare with guitar, harmonica and Woodie Guthrie simplicity.

"Lover Don’t Come Back (demo)" is the most beautiful fuck you to unrequited love, with acoustic and electric guitar uniting for great effect.

This 16-track album is diverse and satisfying. Please buy it.