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I like this even better than ‘Simple Song’ @theshins “The Rifle’s Spiral” from Port of Morrow. 

I listened to @theshins @sxsw show that I missed on @SiriusXMU radio on the drive home from @sxsw. And because I take all my cues from That One Music Dork, I also admit to hearting the new album, which is out now. Maybe you should check it out. I think “Simple Song” is going to be a keeper. It’s a little Jackson Brown, a little Paul Simon, both in the best possible way.


Yes, I’m in love with the new The Shins record ‘Port of Morrow’.

2012 Albums I’m Looking Forward To: The Shins (@theshinsfans)

My crush on James Mercer and The Shins came circuitously via Broken Bells and my unrequited longing for Danger Mouse. I saw them put on an amazing performance at Terminal Five. My crush on all things Danger and Mercer was sealed.

The recently-released single ‘Simple Song' from The Shins new album Port of Morrow (available March 20th), vibes the 70s and 80s, channelling The Who and Jackson Brown, and more contemporarily, Band of Horses.

Can’t wait for the rest to be unveiled.